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    Collaborative/Joint Animations Guidelines

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    Collaborative/Joint Animations Guidelines Empty Collaborative/Joint Animations Guidelines

    Post by Loops on Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:27 pm

    Hey, welcome to the Collaborations/Joint Animations forums. This is the section where you can host or join a collaboration or joint with other animators! Feel free to host or participate in a joint (A few animators working on an animation together) or a collaboration (many animators working on an animation together)

    For Joining, please read the following suggestions:

    Make sure to follow the Community Rules : http://burntsticks.forumotion.com/t10-rulesread-before-posting#18
    Make sure you can actually complete your part. Sadly, a majority of those who join a Collab end up not even finishing a part. Of course, if something goes wrong making a part, there's nothing you can do about it, but please try to be sure you'll be able to complete your parts before trying to join.

    Make sure you're good enough. Does the collab/joint require a certain level of skill in animation? If you think you can't keep up with it's level, then you should try a different one requiring less skill to join. Many animators find lots of hope in making a part, only to eventually be shot down because their entries were nowhere near good enough. I would know, since I've been on both sides of this situation. It's not pretty. Think about your skill level before trying to join.

    Make sure to follow collab/joint rules. Every collab should have many rules and guidelines to joining. As a person who's hosted collabs myself, you have NO IDEA how annoying it is for people to just blatantly ignore the entire set of rules on a collab. Please read the collab rules before posting. You'll likely just make a fool of yourself if you don't.

    Flash users: Label Symbols. Make sure all your symbols are labelled with your name so that your symbols don't get mixed up with anyone else's accidentally. This includes, Graphics, tweens, Clips, SFX, and basically everything that goes into the library.

    For hosting, please read the following suggestions:

    Make sure to have a basic idea.

    Make sure to account for particulars necessary for compiling, such as FPS, Program(s) used, symbol labeling, and Resolution. You'll usually want all of these to be the same for every part. Making a template is recommended.

    Have a Deadline. Eventually you'll have to stop accepting parts and start compiling. Make sure to post the deadline for entries. Without one, animators will think they'll have all the time they need and in result, they'll procrastinate. It's recommended to have a Deadline around a month or so after the beginning of the collab. Too long will cause procrastination, and too short will not give animators time to finish entries.

    Make sure to include any other info, like the length each part should be, color scheme, unique things, etc.

    Here's an example of a Collab to show what it should look like: http://burntsticks.boards.net/thread/2/on-top-collab-join

    Other than that, it's mostly self-explanatory. If you need help on knowing how exactly to compile entries, I'll be making a video tutorial on that soon. Good luck and happy collaborating!
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