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    Ryn The Forgotten

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    Ryn The Forgotten Empty Ryn The Forgotten

    Post by HunterZ on Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:23 am



    Ryn The Forgotten YRnjR4w




    Can emit explosions of varying sizes from his right palm. The larger the explosion, the more risk he has of breaking his arm from the shockwaves that the explosions create. Ryn uses these explosions to blast enemies away, or maneuver himself around the battlefield. These explosions give off an orange glow.

    Can crush all non-living objects that his left hand touches, and the time it takes to crush an object depends on it's size. The larger the object, the longer it will take to fully crush it. After leaving contact from his hand, the imploded object will start to reshape itself into it's original size and form, and takes about the same amount of time it took to implode it. His left palm emits a blue glow whilst imploding an object.


    Ryn The Forgotten QlEVDAv
    A mysterious spear that returns to Ryn whenever he calls out to it. When the spear is held in his right hand, Ryn can charge the spear with explosions, making it a temporary bomb if he throws it at an object. After being "charged" the spear can emit explosions at Ryn's will, and serves as an extension of his right arm. The explosions the spear emits will harm his body depending on the strength of the explosion, just as his right hand does. The spear changes appearance when charged, (as seen in the image above).

    Ryn is smart and has astonishing battle sense, using all the resources that are given to him in order to win a fight.

    His abilities allows him great speed and power, and he can swiftly evade attacks with ease.

    He exceeds in hand to hand combat, and is a dangerous fighter in close and far range battles.

    Ryn has magnificent skill whilst using his powers, and is incredibly creative about how he uses them.

    He can tweak his own fighting style to counter his opponent's as best as it can, as long as he fights them for a little bit



    At the cost of his speed and power, his right arm is at risk of being broken by his explosions every time he creates a large one, making him consciously careful about how he uses his powers.

    Everything he crushes only remain in their crushed form for about 3 seconds after leaving contact with his palm.

    Does not like to kill in any situation, and always tries to leave his opponents alive after fighting them.

    Does not wield a weapon, nor knows how to, and relies solely on his powers and hand to hand combat skills.

    Must use implosion in 5 second intervals.

    Can only utilize his implosion ability on non-stick objects.

    Ryn cannot seem to remember how to use a spear very well, and could be considered a beginner on the battlefield with his weapon. He can throw it, and perform very simple thrusts, but otherwise that's it.


    Story :

    The morning after his 19th birthday, a young man found himself in a bed, the cushions under him feeling softer than the hard ground that he somehow remembered that he was on. The sound of creaking wood eased from the edge of the room the young man was in, but he didn't bother to look at the approaching stranger, for he knew that it must be a close friend of his. To his disappointment, an old man, bent with many years of work and service, instead stared down at him, the man's eyes diligently scanning his face, as if he were searching for something. The man quickly uttered a word, which the young man could immediately understand was,
    "Name?" The young man sat up on his bed, his chest feeling uncomfortably irritated, and began to answer the old man, before realizing he didn't know his name. The young stick's face bent into a frown as he struggled to search for his name, or anything about his past in the chamber of his memories, failing time and time again. In fact, now that the man thought about it, the only thing he couldn't remember were his memories. Everything else stuck to him with strange neediness, as if they were the only things that he couldn't lose with passing time. The old man, by then understanding that the young man before him didn't know his name, began to speak once more, his voice wheezing out of his crusted lips,
    "Your name, is, Ryn." Ryn, now visibly stunned that the old man answered so confidently, asked who the man was as well, hoping he would tell him more about himself. To no avail, he did not get an answer.
    After being welcomed to the man's hospitality for a month, Ryn set off from the place he considered home, beginning his journey in the world, and searching for answers to the questions of his past.


    Ryn is a normally optimistic guy, whom has little to no problems dealing with hotheaded people when he has to. He acts upon his burning desire to discover his past, and is honorable in battle, a trait that comes with his heroic personality. When Ryn defeats an opponent, he always shows them mercy, and tries his very best to not kill them in the heat of battle. If the setting is right, he can get pissed off incredibly easily, though he tries to keep himself cool in most situations. Ryn is determined to win all his battles, and isn't afraid to show his opponents his full power, since he thinks that it wouldn't be fair to give them only a fraction of his strength.



    Battles : none

    Points : 0/0/0

    Not currently available.
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    Ryn The Forgotten Empty Re: Ryn The Forgotten

    Post by Pants on Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:39 pm

    Accepted! Have fun!

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    Ryn The Forgotten Empty Re: Ryn The Forgotten

    Post by Mr_Comett on Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:16 am

    Neato. Now someone needs to actually start these battles

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