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    The BSW Overworld rules (MUST READ.)

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    The BSW Overworld rules (MUST READ.) Empty The BSW Overworld rules (MUST READ.)

    Post by Loops on Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:06 am

    The overworld

    The official BSW crews system.

    Check out the google doc version, it has a table of contents so it will help you find the stuff easily.

    Check out the Overworld Map


    Each region contains 3 main areas, all areas should work as a background to your fight animation.

    Northside: Icy and snowy area

    The Banks: Big open field of snow, ice and the occasional wildlife

    Mt. Northside: Giant mountain(s), they’re snowy.

    Snowfall: Town covered in snow

    Nether Region: Generally untouched land, very green

    Hollow Planes: Open forest area, ground is oddly thin

    Forbidden Town: Old ruined city, covered in plant life

    Lovely Isle: Super spooky island, there is a tribe located here and a volcano dubbed, Apocalypse.

    Eastward: Very modern area, highly sophisticated

    Stormzone: Dangerous area, filled with random spurts of lightning and electricity is produced here, a relatively open field but there are some towers built there meant to harvest energy for Skytown/Coinopolis.

    Skytown: City above the clouds, not as big as Coinopolis but much more high-tech

    Coinopolis: Super big city with work and shit

    The Remains:  Deserted region, every town is usually a ghost town.

    Dry-Tongue Desert: Huge desert

    Crystal Canyon: Canyon with lots of mountains and rare items

    Sandy Springs: Most populated/largest town in The Remains. (still not very high population) Water can be found here.


    Your crew must follow this format:

    Crew’s banner (Should be 500x200):

    Crew logo (Should be 100x100):

    Crew’s Name:

    Members and their positions (May only go up to 6):

    Territory owned (Regions/Areas they’ve taken over or the area they have):

    A portion of the map that shows the land they’ve conquered:

    A small interactive swf map of your region, showing all of your members and showing the traits of the land they own

    Rank: (Cult, Town, Nation, Metropolis)

    Number of citizens:

    The amount of BSC they have (Under the name “Bank”)

    The amount of Wall Points they have

    Starting out

    You start out by buying a small portion of land in the desired land (unless said land is occupied) by paying a certain amount of BSC to one of the BSW mods, and mark the part of the land you desire with a red dot on the map image. You may not choose occupied land, either is it by another crew or by one of the cities such as Coinopolis, but you may build in the outsides of said land.


    You must ALWAYS notify a BSW mod when you create a crew, acquire land, update your crew, get into a war or basically just do any major things. If you create a crew you MUST tell a mod by either contacting them externally (Discord, etc.) or by PMing them on the website, and you must give them a link to the crew thread. If you have a desire to acquire land you must contact a mod, tell them how much land you want by circling the area you wish to buy (IMPORTANT: You may have Headquarters all around the map if you desire, and to buy them you must point the area with a dot, BUT you can only expand your land if you want to have a town, having towns around the map is NOT allowed, you only have one town/higher, but you may have as many HQs/Bases as you want.), after doing that the mod will tell you the total price and you may take it or leave it, or take a small portion of land. Once you bought that piece of land you CAN’T give it back, so make sure to think before you buy.

    Acquiring land

    You may acquire land through wars against crews, by buying empty land or by buying cities (Note: These cities are expensive but they will reward your purchase by evolving your wall, don’t worry that’s explained later.). If you want to merge land with an allie crew, you may only do it if the crew is in the same region as you are.

    Acquiring land through wars

    You may only invade neighbor Crews, and if you win the war you get 25% of the land, but there’s a balancing system which is explained below:

    Balancing system

    This is made to make the wars more fair, so read this, ok?


    Cults may attack any Crew they want, even the ones with a higher role than them, but at their own risk.


    Towns may only attack other towns and bigger Crews, but at their own risk.


    Nations may only attack other Nations, bigger Towns and Metropolises, but at their own risk.


    Metropolises may only attack other Metropolises or bigger Nations.

    Crew Ranks and what they mean


    Small crew that only have the land they’ve started out with, can have up to 6 members and 0 citizens.


    Medium crew that has a normal amount of land, can have up to 6 members and 10 citizens. It can have a wall with up to 10 protection points.


    Big crew that has a large amount of land, can have up to 6 members and 50 citizens. It can have a wall with up to 20 protection points


    Large crew that has an enormous amount of land, can have up to 6 members and an infinite amount of citizens. It can have a wall with up to 50 protection points

    Town and upwards

    Walls and how they work

    The Walls AKA the Borders are a defense mechanism.

    During battle

    Walls help during battle as extra votes in the polls.

    When being invaded

    Walls work so that the invading crew must pay a certain amount of money depending on the amount of wall points you have

    Wall points

    As voting points

    Here’s a simple list of how many votes they add.

    • 10 Wall points - 1 vote

    This basically means

    • 50 Wall points - 5 votes

    No more explanation is needed.


    When buying

    • 1 Wall point - 10 BSC

    Which means

    • 50 Wall points - 500 BSC

    No more explanation needed

    When attacking

    Refer to the normal costs and multiply that by 3. No further explanation is needed.

    Any other topics that have been untouched.

    Are citizens allowed to buy wall points?

    Yes, they are.

    Can you buy wall points during a battle?

    Yes, you can.

    Can you lose wall points?

    Only when you lose a war, and it mainly depends on the percentage of votes against you, ask a mod to do the maths for you.


    Refer to the Crew Ranks to see how many your crew can have

    What they are exactly

    Citizens are extra members of your Crew that get privileges (Listed below), but don’t get to partake in some Crew activities.


    • You get protection from any tasked attacks (Explained later) from other citizens or Crew members.
    • You get to take part in Crew weeklies.
    • You can help the Crew by buying Wall points.
    • You get a small percentage of the earnings from wars.
    • If you lose a battle, you get taken to the hospital (Basically, you lose half the BSC of what you normally would.
    • You can move in with other members to the same homes to split the monthly costs (Explained later)
    • You get BSC if you get another member to become a citizen (Set by the Leader)

    The bad stuff

    • You can’t take part in wars through animations.
    • You have to pay a monthly fee set by the Crew leader
    • You will have to pay 50% of the damage done to the Wall during a war (If the leader decides to fix it).
    • You’ll have to pay more money than the Crew members after losing a war.
    • If you don’t pay your stay for 3 months and don’t pay it back you’ll get kicked.
    • You can only be a citizen in one Crew.
    • Buying a home costs double than one monthly costs (You can split the costs if you’re moving in with multiple members)


    What they are

    They are targets that BSW mods give you to attack by making a normal fight animation between those too (You can include a scene with the mod giving you the task if you wish). You gain bonus glory/BSC for winning a fight against a target.

    Telling the target/Responding to the mod/Responding to an attack

    You must ALWAYS tell your decision to the mod/attacker, even if you say “no”, if you just ignore it you’ll lose 5 BSC and you must ALWAYS tell the target about the attack, not doing so in the first week of the attack will result in losing 15 BSC, and a temporary ban from the system.

    How they work

    As previously mentioned, the mods give you a certain target to attack, which you must do so by making a fight animation between you two and if you win, you get more BSC than you normally would.

    If the target ignores

    If the target ignores the attack, he loses 5 BSC and you win 10.

    If the target responds

    If the target responds by making a fight animation of your BSW and his, a poll is done to decide the winner, the target gets 2 extra BSC for participating. Winner gets 10 BSC, loser doesn’t lose any BSC nor does he gain anything.

    If YOU ignore

    If you ignore the task is cancelled and you don’t get anything.


    These are certain conditions that can apply to a fight for additional rewards, for example: you and your opponent could decide to take a protocol which could vary between simple animation additions (like more explosions) or something specific to the animation (like having a dark ending). In return for doing a protocol, you and your opponent gain an additional 10 BSC, though the loser loses an additional 5 BSC.

    Initiating protocols

    To initiate a protocol, you simply have to ask your opponent if you’d like to initiate one for your fight and it begins! Note that the execution of the protocol will play into the voting process.

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