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    Colonization Empty Colonization

    Post by Loops on Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:04 pm

    Each region contains 3 main areas, all areas can be bought separately if your Crew is close to them.
    Some areas can be bought by multiple Crews, these are called Crew spots and form Crew Neighborhoods. You buy territory by pointing out the name of the territory you want to buy with dots or circles on the map (when the .png version comes out). This is not obligatory, but it will help you gain more territory for your crew.
    After a crew buys land, the price is raised by the crew leader's request, this is so that certain land doesn't constantly get passed from owner to owner.
    Check the map out for more details.

    Northside: Icy and snowy area
    The Banks: Big open field of snow, ice and the occasional wildlife - 300 BSC (0/6 Crew spots taken)
    Mt. Northside: Giant mountain(s), they’re snowy. - 100 BSC (0/6 Crew spots taken)
    Snowfall: Town covered in snow - 600 BSC

    Nether Region: Generally untouched land, very green
    Hollow Planes: Open forest area, ground is oddly thin - 400 BSC (0/6 Crew spots taken)
    Forbidden Town: Old ruined city, covered in plant life - 700 BSC
    Lovely Isle: Super spooky island, there is a tribe located here and a volcano dubbed, Apocalypse. - 800 BSC

    Eastward: Very modern area, highly sophisticated
    Stormzone: Dangerous area, filled with random spurts of lightning and electricity is produced here, a relatively open field but there are some towers built there meant to harvest energy for Skytown/Coinopolis. - 1000 BSC (0/6 Crew spots taken)
    Skytown: City above the clouds, not as big as Coinopolis but much more high-tech - 1500 BSC
    Coinopolis: Super big city with work and shit - 3000 BSC

    The Remains:  Deserted region, every town is usually a ghost town.
    Dry-Tongue Desert: Huge desert - 400 BSC (0/6 Crew spots taken)
    Crystal Canyon: Canyon with lots of mountains and rare items - 800 BSC (0/6 Crew spots taken)
    Sandy Springs: Most populated/largest town in The Remains. (still not very high population) Water can be found here. - 500 BSC

    Thanks to Pine for all the ideas.

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    Colonization Empty Re: Colonization

    Post by SoBadItsGood on Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:41 pm

    Great work!
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    Colonization Empty Re: Colonization

    Post by Pants on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:00 pm

    Yes indeed


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    Colonization Empty Re: Colonization

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