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    Post by Loops on Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:28 pm

    Hello there!

    I am grid,and if you're reading this,then that must mean you want to join:

    Well,to enter,you MUST! read the rules!
    this page will later be updated with other community guidelines!

    To start things off,spamming is COMPLETLY fordibben!
    What is counted as ''Spam''?
    well spam can be translated by Double posting,posting unessesary things like ''wtf'' ''lol'' ''ftw'' outside the Forum chat. 
    Double/triple/quadro/etc. posting
    to double post is to make posts one after another,without somebody else posting first,and to post the same things as many times as showed before
    How to avoid Multiple posting
    to avoid multiple posting,you should,edit your posts if you want to say anything else,or wait until somebody else posts on that thread,and if your post takes time to load,you should wait a bit,and if your post doesn't appear,then wait,because it might just be lag!spamming will result into warnings
    if you accumulate enough warnings,you will get,daily banned,as a first warning,then will come,weekly bans,monthly bans,year bans,and if you get to many bans,you will get PERMABANNED!
    Multi accounts
    multi accounts can only be made by staff members,to test forum features,and for members who have forgotten their passwords,members that make multi accounts without permission,will be banned PERMANENTLY of this forums!

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